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What are the benefits of a professional facial?


Your skin has the ability to heal itself, however, sometimes it needs help in order to achieve maximum results. External & internal factors such as hormones, stress, sun exposure and pollution can bring on trouble that's best addressed by a professional. Regular facials result in clearer skin due to professional  exfoliating resultsing in and smoother more even skin texture, application of professional grade products promoting deeper penetration of active ingrediants  and more radiant skin due to the  results of facial massage.  Your skin will learn to adjust more quickly to life's stress — and as you keep regular treatment appointments, I'll learn the cyclical changes that occur with your skin and will adjust your products and treatments to maximize results.


"How long will the results of this facial last?"

Your skin is assaulted on a daily basis with harsh cleansing,  make-up, pollution, stress and damaging UV rays from the sun. A facial's results are only as good as how you maintain your skin on a daily basis at home.  With a good home care regime, I recommend a protocol that includes monthly professional facials to help combat the effects of external and internal factors.  Practicing good skin habits can help prolong your results in between facials.


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