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February 2012


A.G.E. Eye Complex
Elle Magazine
February 2012
Elle Beauty | Skin
Sugar Snap
Will waving the dougnuts away keep wrinkles at bay? April Long investigates the sticky relationship between sugar and aging

“A.G.E Eye Complex targets advanced glycation end products with blueberry extract.”



June 2011


Phloretin CF Gel
Allure Magazine
June 2012

Most Valuable Layers
In theory, antioxidants can make skin appear more youthful and even-toned. In reality, it depends: As a real estate broken with fine lines might say, the key is formulation, formulation, formulation. We asked dermatologist David McDaniel, one of the top researchers of antioxidants in skin care, to give us his picks for the best creams and serums.

“McDaniel suggests this gel with vitamin C and phloretin (an anti-inflammatory compound from apples) for patients who have acne, rosacea, or experience skin irritation when using a serum.”

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